Technology Platforms

The technology platforms of Ninja® are based on providing the most reliable performance together with outstanding comfort. Comfort is determined by the lightness, flexibility and breath-ability of the glove. Ninja® has various technologies, yarns, polymers, liners and processes whereby maximum comfort without sacrificing on performance is achieved. Product performance for us starts with the highest quality materials, blending and knitting our own yarn, using pure and unadulterated polymers to ensure stringent protection and durability that conforms to the highest global quality standards. Our Innovation Team has developed unique processes, coatings, finishes, materials and textiles to achieve the best-in-class benchmark in performance and comfort worldwide.

Proprietary Technology

Ninja® has been at the forefront of innovation with several patents under its belt, with an ambition to increase its portfolio every year. Our drive for innovation results in producing the highest quality products in the market with unique benefits that exceed our customers expectations.

NFT™ – Unmatched Comfort and Durability

The New Foam Technology is a unique proprietary technology offering the most technologically advanced, lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable gloves that feels like second skin. Rigorously engineered to give outstanding grip, abrasion resistance and dexterity for precision handling in oily, greasy and dry environments.

It is one of Ninja®’s next-generation technologies.

HPT™ – Superior Grip and Dexterity

The Hydropellent Technology is a unique proprietary coating that repels liquid and provides excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

The HPT™ offers secure handling gloves that are extremely lightweight and dexterous with superior grip features for maximum control in wet environments.

Further, this unique coating has “encapsulated air pockets” which absorb and mitigate the effects of light vibrations enhancing its grip performance.

RFT™ – Extreme Endurance and Grit

Rufftec™ is a unique proprietary technology that offers excellent abrasion resistant characteristics that make these gloves outlast all other. Excellent grip in dry, oily and wet conditions.

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Other Technologies

RAZR – Cutting Edge Performance.

The Ninja® Razr cut resistant range is the best that technology can offer. Developed by Ninja®’s progressive Innovation Team which creates and works with the most unique premium quality yarns and fibers to produce world class cut resistant gloves. Ninja® Razr gloves offer the dual benefit of being the most reliable cut resistant gloves with unmatched comfort and control.

MULTI-TECH – Specialty Hand Protection.

Ninja® Multi-Tech range of products features an array of multiple speciality technologies customised to specific hand protection needs across varied applications.

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