Protection Meets Innovation

Ninja® is one of the best hand protection brands in the world, constantly engaged in re-inventing itself and adding to the comfort, durability and performance of its products.

Ninja® has five global state-of-the-art R&D facilities and innovation centres, incorporating cutting edge technologies. It is one of the few global brands, whose manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated from developing, blending and spinning fibres and yarns into high quality fabrics for gloves, to artfully blending polymers and coatings for superior hand protection. From cotton to synthetic and engineered yarns, Ninja® offers gloves ranging from cut and sewn to seamless.


Environmental & Consumer Safety

We are certified and use ISO 9001 as the foundations for our quality management framework. It is part of our everyday life and helps us achieve consistent results and continually improve our processes.

All components and ingredients used in the manufacturing and construction of Ninja® products have been assessed and comply with the REACH European Legislation,

EC # 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) another commitment to ensuring all our products are “skin friendly”.

Oeko-Tex® is the global testing and certification body for the textile industry. Three of our gloves namely, Ninja® Maxim Cool, Ninja® Maxim Tactus and Ninja® HPT™ GripX (along with their variants) have been tested for harmful substances thus enabling us to guarantee safe and skin friendly gloves.

The Sanitized® (triclosan free) hygiene function is integrated into all Ninja® gloves. The Sanitized® (triclosan free) provides freshness, comfort and protection. Sanitized® (triclosan free) acts like a built-in deodorant that keeps clothing fresh for longer time and leaves you feeling safe and protected.

We are an environmentally friendly company, operating in a responsible manner without compromising quality or the experience, whilst reducing operating costs. We increase business product eco-efficiency through the use of environmentally responsible design, technology, reuse and recyclable materials.

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