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Cool HV

Ninja® Maxim Cool HV is a light 15GG nylon multipurpose glove based on Ninja®’s next-generation New Foam Technology (NFT™). This is the most technologically advanced, lightweight, comfortable and durable glove that offers excellent breathability and flexibility in greasy/oily and dry conditions. Especially comfortable for extended heavy uses. The HV coating provides good visibility and appearance.


  •  COATING – Proprietary NFT™ coating.
  • EXCELLENT BREATHABILITY – Provides excellent 360 degree breathability.
  • EXCELLENT GRIP – Soft, textured NFT™ coating with the ‘micro-capillaries, finish channels away excessive fluid from the surface keeping hands dry and cool from inside out, providing excellent grip in oily environments.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Its ergonomic design allows minimum hand fatigue, increasing productivity and comfort.
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE – The NFT™ coating is especially abrasion resistant making Ninja® Maxim Cool HV gloves long-lasting and durable.
  • HI-VIZ COLOUR – The HV liner provides good visibility and appearance.

Proprietary Technology

NFT™ – Unmatched Comfort and Durability The NFT™ is a unique proprietary technology offering the most technologically advanced, lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable gloves that feel like second skin. Rigorously engineered to give outstanding grip, abrasion resistance and dexterity for precision handling in oily and greasy environments. NFT™ is one of Ninja®’s next-generation technologies.

Smart Technologies

This is the art of ensuring 360 degree breathability for the hands.

This is the art of making Ninja® gloves feel like second skin.

This is the art of providing outstanding grip to Ninja® gloves in dry, wet and oily conditions.

Hand Care Technologies

REACH Compliant


Oeko-Tex® Compliant

ISO 9001


• Automotive industry • Goods handling • Light fabrication • Quality inspection • Assembly and maintenance • Mild abrasive surface handling


Ref. No.
6/XS – 11/2XL
25 cm (Size Large)
EN 388
Coating Variants
Palm, Knuckle and Fully Dipped
Coating Colour
15GG Nylon and Spandex Knitted Liner
Liner Colour
Hi-Viz Yellow

Standards and Certifications

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