STANDARD EN 511:2006



This standard evaluates performance in cold and extreme cold conditions.


Protection Against Cold is shown by a pictogram that is followed by three performance levels, each pertaining to specific protective qualities.

This pictogram is accompanied by three numbers representing

All products, when tested to EN 388, must achieve at least level 2 for abrasion and tear. If less than level 2, then both the convective cold and contact cold level must be reported as a maximum of level 1.

In addition to the convective cold and contact cold tests, and waterproofness for coated product, there are two other tests:

  • Any coated glove must be tested for Flexibility Behaviour, as in    EN 511, which is carried out at -20°C and flexed 10,000 times.
  •  Coated gloves expected to be used below -30°C should be    tested for Extreme Cold Flexibility as in EN511 and test samples      should not crack when folded (bent to 180°) at -50°C.

Resistance to Convective Cold

Thermal insulation qualities of a glove that are determined by measuring cold transference via convection.

Resistance to Contact Cold

Thermal resistance of glove material when exposed to direct contact with a cold object.

Permeability by Water

0 indicates water penetration after 30 minutes of exposure, 1 indicates no water penetration.

a. Resistance to Convective Cold (performance level 0-4)
b. Resistance to Contact Cold (performance level 0-4)
c. Permeability by Water (0 or 1)

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