EN Standards

STANDARD EN 420:2003


EN 420 is the underlying general standard to which all protective
gloves must comply. It is designed to ensure that the gloves
themselves do not cause harm to the wearer and are comfortable
to wear. EN 420 defines general requirements including design
and construction, comfort and efficiency and innocuousness, as
well as general information, marking and sizing.

  • The gloves themselves should not impose a risk or cause injury.
  • The pH of the gloves should be as close as possible to neutral.
  • Leather gloves should have a pH value between 3.5 and 9.5.
    The highest permitted value for chromium is 3 mg/kg(chrome VI).
  • Specific details of any substance used in the glove that are known to cause allergies must be named.

There is a requirement to provide Information Supplied by the Manufacturer, and in addition to giving traceability and general product description including size range, hazard category (i.e., Category 1, 2 or 3), tests performed and performance levels, the information must show how the product should be stored and for how long, any known allergy substances contained in the product and any other useful information to enable a user to make the correct decision in the choice of PPE.

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